Scanlin and Allied Families1

1 gen                Descendants of Jacob Garrard Sr.

Jacob Garrard Sr. , b.abt.1720 England,- d. abt. 1776 Caswell County, N.C.,  Married: Sarah Walters, b.1738, - d. _______ Caswell County, N.C.


1 Anthony Garrard, b. Sept. 6,1756, -d. before 1807 - Married Elizabeth Green.

2.Jacob Garrard Jr., b. Feb.12,1762./63 NC - d. 1854 -- married: Elizabeth Harris 1765 - 1840 Children: #1. Danial "David" Garrard, b. 1809 --


2 gen

 Anthony Garrard, b. Sept. 6, 1756 - d. before 1807 - Married: Elizabeth Green, b.1762 Surry County, VA. - d. before 1819


1.Anthony Garrard, b.1780 N.C.

2.James Garrard, b. 1788 Columbus, Muscogee, Ga.

3..John Garrard, 1790 - 1850 GA.- Married Martha Kendrick

4. Elizabeth Green Garrard, b.1794 Wilkes Co, Ga.- Married; Garland Pearson

5.Sarah Walters Garrard, b. 1794 Wilkes , Ga. ( Twin?) -Married :George W.Johnson

6.Lewis Garrard, b. 1795 Wilkes Co, Ga.- d.April 25,1825-  Married Elizabeth Mathers

7.Allen T. Garrard, b.1800 Wilkes Co, Ga. -1875 Wilkes, Ga.---Married Nancy Maddox. on June 3, 1827 in Wilkes County, GA.    Children: #1.George A.Garrard 1829 -1864-- #2.Thomas Garrard  1830-- #3.Sarah Garrard  1833 --#4.Louisa Garrard  1834--#.5.Nancy M. Garrard  1836 --#6.Martha Garrard  1838-- #.7.William Garrard 1839. --#8. John L. Garrard 1842 -- #9.Margaret Garrard 1843 -- #10.Rebecca Garrard --#11.James Garrard 1846 --  # 12.Mary Frances Garrard.1848   

8. Lucy Tyrus Garrard, b.Jan.17,1802 - d.Aug.20,1898 Wilkes Co, Ga. -Married John Mitchell Bond Children:   #1.Sarah Jane Bond, b.1826 Wilkes Co, Ga.- d.1877 butts, Ga. -- #2. Margaret Dianne Bond b.Jan.1829 Wilkes Co, Ga. - d.Dec.1925 Waco, Tx.--- #3.William Anthony Bond 1833-1834--#4.Emily Annette bond 1833 - 1906 --- #5.John Mitchell Bond Jr. 1837 - 1863


3 gen

 John Garrard, b.1790  - d. 1840/50 GA.-- Married Martha Kendrick, b.1792 GA.  - d.1878/80 Columbia, ARK. -- Marriage date: Feb.10, 1811 Wilkes County, GA.


1.Sarah Green Garrard,b,April 10,1813 Wilkes Co, Ga. -d(?)-   Married: Phillip F.Combs 1811-1892 -- both are buried Mt.Zion Methodist Church Cem,Wilkes, GA. -- Children: #1. Martha Elizabeth Combs, b.1835 Ga. - d(?) -- Married1. William Frank Hyman .1826 -   2. Phillip Samuel Hyman,.1858 -- #2. Wesley Combs, b.1836 Ga. - d.1906 -- Married: Martha J. Farmerb.1840- 1928  #3. George B. Combs, b1840 Ga. - d. Jan 1, 1862. -- #4.James T.Combs, b1843 Ga.-d.1917 Hillsborough County, FL., Married Mary Lucy Combs in Wilkes County, Ga. #.5. John A.Combs b1844 Ga. - d.April 13,1865 Fort Gregg, Va, -- #6. Ann Jones Combs, b April 27,1846 Ga. - d.April 1,1920., Married Robert Chapman, 1972 Wilkes County, GA.  - #7.Lucy J. Combs, b1847 GA. - d(?)Married George Blakey Smith, Wilkes County, GA. -- #8.Charles Ervin Combs, b.1850 Wilkes, GA.  d.May 7, 1893. Married Lucy C. Garrard on Dec.21, 1875 Wilkes County, Ga.  -#9. Sara Gabrielle Combs, b.March, 8, 1852 Wilkes County, GA. - d.Dec.19,1909 Wilkes County, GA. - Married Wylie Thomas Corbin.-  #.10. Phillip M. Combs, b. 1855 -d. July 13, 1932 Wilkes County, GA. - Married: Carrie D. Corban.  #11..Mary Lade Combs,b.1856/57 Wilkes County, Ga. - Oct.15,1923 Wilkes, Ga..

2.Harrison Garrard, b.1815 Wilkes Co, Ga.

3.Martha Garrard, b.1817 Wilkes Co, Ga. - d.1863- d. (?) -  Married: James R.Rudd, b.1833 (Married 1855 Columbia County, Ark.) -- Children:  #1.Jimmy G. Rudd, b. ___?  Married: James Warren --  #2.Susan F.Rudd, b____? Married: B.F.Smith -- # 3. Willis Rudd,  b. __? Married: P.J. Hayes.

4.Lucy Tius Garrard, b.1819 Wilkes Co, Ga.- d.(?)

5..Jacob Andrew Garrard, , b.1827 Wilkes County, Ga. - d. June 8, 1864 Petersburg, VA. in the Civil War. -- Married: Julia F. McClendon on Dec.15, 1844 Merriwether, GA.

6. Alfred W. Garrard, b.1827/28 Wilkes County, Ga.-- d.(?)  -- Married: Emma A.Self , b.1836, d. (?)Children: #1. William Ezra Garrard, b.Nov.27,1855 Merriweather, Ga. - d. Aug.7,1939 Greenville, Merriweather, GA. - Married: (?)  - #2. John Alfred Garrard, b. March 4, 1858 Merriweather, GA..- d.Sept.10,1908 Shreveport, Louisiana. - Married: (?)

7. William J.Garrard, b.Oct.4,1836 Ga. - d. (?) --                                 Married:1. Sarah A.C.Jacks,b.1840 -1863 - Children: #1.Garrard  # 2. Garrard.                                                                                                        Married: 2, Sarah C.Black ---  Children: #1.Alfred Garrard -  #2.Caroline Garrard - #3.John S. Garrard - #4. Samual J. Garrard


4 gen

 Jacob Andrew Garrard, b. 1827 Wilkes County, GA. - d.. June 8,1864 Petersburg, VA. from disease and injuries recieved in the Civil War.-- Married: Julia F.McClendon, b. abt.1821 GA. ---Marriage date: Dec.15, 1844 Merriwether, GA.


1 Martha Elizabeth Garrard, 1845 GA - died 1924 FL.-- Married: Joshua Nathanial G.McNabb,--Marriage dated: Nov.20, 1867 Hernando County, FL.--Children: #1.Julia E.McNabb,b.1868 McKeekin, FL. - Married Joseph Wooster Ostrum. - #2. Mary McNabb, b.1870 FL. - #3.James Gregory McNabb, b1875 FL.- #4.Glenn G. McNabb, b.1875 FL. - #5.Braxton Bragg McNabb, b.1888 FL. (may be a grandson).

2.William Garrard, born 1852, FL.

3.Julia Garrard, born April 8,1854 FL.- died Feb.23,1935 Polk County, FL. , buried Homeland Cemetery, Married: George C.Scanlin on Feb.28,1889 Palatka, Putnam County, FL.

4.Mary Garrard, born 1859 FL.

5.Jacob Alexander Garrard, (Dr) ,born Aug.20,1864 FL.or Ga, - died Aug.15,1941 Bartow, FL. -- Married Hettie Keightley Niblock, born Aug.19, 1873 - died July 21, 1958.-  both are buried in     Oak Hill  Cemetery in Bartow, FL(NOTE: Jacob was a doctor).---Children:  #1.Thelma Garrard, b.abt.1898 -- #2 George Garrard, b.abt.1901 -- #3..Jacob A.Garrard , b.Oct.7,1903 - died June 30,1904 Bartow, FL.--#4.Joel Garrard, (photo)b.abt 1908 FL- died 1956 Bartow,FL.(Polk County sheriff).- #5.Watson Garrard, b.abt.1913 FL.


5  gen                            

Julia A. Garrard, b.April 8,1854 - d. Feb.23, 1935 Homeland, Polk County, FL.-  ( daughter of Jacob Andrew Garrard & Julia McClendon.-- Married: George C. Scanlin, b.1862 PA. - d.1940 Homeland, Polk County, FL.( marriage date: Feb.28,1889 in Palatka, Putnam County, FL.).


1.John J. Scanlin, b.June 8, 1891 FL. --d.Nov.25,1951 Homeland, FL.


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From the book: "Governor Garrard, of Kentucky: his descendants and relatives" by Anna Russell Des Cognets; Published by J.M. Byrnes, Lexington, Ky.1898; Original from the University of Wisconsin. 

 JACOB GARRARD, an emigrant, came to America about 1750. It is not known with a certainty, but it may be inferred that he lived for a few years in Stafford County, VA. The register of Overwharton Parish shows that "Anthony Garrard, son of Jacob, was baptised February 12th, 1756." At a later period he moved to North Carolina, where he and two of his sons were killed in the Revolutionary service. All of his children except two sons, Anthony, the eldest, and Jacob, the fourth son, remained in North Carolina, and their descendants were dispersed over the State. His eldest son was ANTHONY GARRARD, born in Stafford County, VA, and baptized February 12th, 1756, in Overwharton Parish. He went to Wilkes County, GA, about 1785, where he lived until his death, about 1807. About 1777 he married Elizabeth Green, whose mother was Lucy Tius. Children of ANTHONY and ELIZABETH were: SARAH GARRARD, married Johnson; ELIZABETH GARRARD, married first, Pierson. They had four children, whose descendants lived at Lagrange, Atlanta, and Whitesburg, GA. She married secondly, Hilliard, and left three children. WILLIAM GARRARD, of Lagrange, GA; JOHN GARRARD, of Wilkes County, GA, married Martha Hendrick and resided at the old homestead of his father, Anthony Garrard, until his death. About 1850 his widow and children, except one son, removed to Arkansas, and settled near Little Rock. Children of JOHN and MARTHA were: HARRISON GARRARD; ALFRED GARRARD, married Miss Selt and lived in Meriwether County, GA, left several children; JACOB GARRARD, married Miss McClendon. SARAH GARRARD, married Rev. Phillips Combs; LUCY GARRARD, married Bolger; MARTHA GARRARD, married Budd; JAMES GARRARD, left Wilkes County and went to Lagrange, where he lived many years. About 1845 he moved to Columbus, GA.