Scanlin and Allied Families1



                        Descendants of  Rev. John Barlow Sr.


 1. John Barlow Sr. (Reverand), was born 1740 Albermarle, Lunenburg, Va.--died Nov.17,1808 in Carter, Tn.--He married Elizabeth (Unknown), b.1750 - d.1810


Children of Rev. JOHN BARLOW Sr. and ELIZABETH are:
1 . JOHN BARLOW, JR. born 1768, Albemarle, Virginia, and died 1856, Caldwell Co North Carolina
2 .RUTH BARLOW born September 30, 1771 Virginia
3 .Mary Barlow born November 17, 1773, Albemarle Co Virginia, and died August 09, 1862, Little River Township, North Carolina
Thomas Barlow born c1775
Eliphant Barlow born June 01, 1777, and died March 20, 1868, Harrison Co Kentucky

ELIZABETH BARLOW born c1779 & died c1812



  2.  JOHN BARLOW, JR.  was born 1768 in Albemarle, Virginia, and died 1856 in Caldwell Co North Carolina.

He married 1) NANCY RASH, daughter of JOSEPH RASH and MILDRED ISBELL
He married 2) ELIZABETH 'BETSY' KENDALL MERRITT April 20, 1803 in Wilkes Co North Carolina, daughter of WILLIAM KENDALL and SARAH FOSTER

Children of JOHN BARLOW Jr. and ELIZABETH Kendall MERRITT are:

NANCY BARLOW born 1804, Wilkes Co North Carolina, and died c1889 --Married Thomas Coffey Jr.1804 - 1889 (Date of marriage is Sept.22,1823 Wilkes County, North Carolina --

2.MARY BARLOW born 1804
3.Joseph Barlow born 1805/07 Wilkes Co North Carolina, and died abt.1880 Caldwell, NC.- Married: Louisa Laxton (date of marriage is April 24,1828 Wilkes County, NC. 
4. John HENRY BARLOW born April 22, 1808 Wilkes Co North Carolina, and died December 09, 1862, Watauga Co North Carolina - Matilda Kilby on March 22,1832 Wilkes Co, NC.
JANE BARLOW born 1810 Wilkes Co North Carolina.
She married LEVI BRADLEY April 29, 1828, son of JAMES BRADLEY and HANNAH POGUE. Levi was a year or two younger than Jane and had to have his parents consent to marry. They are shown in the 1830 Wilkes Co census as 1 male 15-20, 1 female 20-30, and one male under 5. They moved to Greene Co Tennessee. She was apparently still living in 1855, when she is named in her father's will as Jane Bradley.
6. Braxton Barlow born October 8, 1812, Wilkes Co North Carolina, and died April 16, 1880, Wilkes Co North Carolina --Married: Charlotte Carlton b.1814 -d.abt.1900- ( Marriage date was Jan.2,1834 Wilkes County, NC.)
7.SON BARLOW born 1814, and died died 1820
 8.Larkin Barlow born July 10, 1816, Wilkes Co North Carolina, and died June 20, 1902 Caldwell Co North Carolina --Marriage #1.Edith Knight on Aug.23, 1840 Wilkes, NC. ---Marriage #2. Nancy Humphries on Feb.7,1865 Caldwell County, NC.



3. John HENRY BARLOW was born 22 April 1808 in Wilkes Co North Carolina and died 9 December 1862 in Watauga Co North Carolina.   Note:    He was a school teacher.

He married MATILDA KILBY March 22,1832 in Wilkes Co North Carolina, daughter of ABRAHAM KILBY and ELIZABETH RASH
 1. ABRAHAM BARLOW born January 28, 1834, and died February 09, 1896
 2LARKIN BARLOW born c1836, it is thought that he moved north.
 3SARAH BARLOW born c1838, and died before 1910
 4 SUSAN BARLOW born c1840.    She married EMPSY GRAGG
 6. LOUISA J. BARLOW born c1843.   She married MILTON S. KNIGHT
 8.FANNY MATILDA BARLOW born c1852.    She married SAM BENNETT

DAVID E. BARLOW born c1857, may have died young, he is not found after the 1860 census



4.ABRAHAM BARLOW was born 28 January 1834 NC and died February 9,1896.

He married MARY GREER 1 April 1853 Johnson Co Tennessee. She was born 08 February 1835, and died 08 April 1885, the daughter of ALEX GREER.
Children of ABRAHAM BARLOW and MARY GREER are:
  1 WILLIAM ANDREW BARLOW, born 24 March 1854.    He married CLARA J. SOUTH
  2.HENRY CLAY BARLOW, born 31 May 1861, and died between 1910 --Married: Josephine Craige on Aug.16,1885.
  3SUSAN E. BARLOW, born c1864.    She married THOMAS B. SMITH
  4. LOUISE BARLOW, born 1867 and died 27 January 1897, unmarried
  5 ROBERT SCOTT BARLOW, born 20 January 1870 and died 24 September 1889, unmarried.

ELLA M. BARLOW, born c1873.    She married THEODORE BRUECKNER



5.HENRY CLAY BARLOW, born 31 May 1861 NC, and died 1910.

He married JOSEPHINE CRAIG on  August 16,1885 in Boone Co Indiana

ROY BARLOW, born April 6, 1894 in Indiana.- died 1978 Lakeland, FL.-- Married Gladys Helen Campbell - marriage date; July 17,1920 Jennings, Indiana. 

 2.THOMAS B. BARLOW, born Aug.31,1897 Indiana - , Married: Marie Hinman on Nov.12,1921 Marion, Indiana.( divorced by 1930 census)
 3.MARY BARLOW, born c1899
 4. ELIZABETH BARLOW, born c1902
 5 DOROTHY BARLOW, born c1905-1906
 6. PHILLIP BARLOW, born c1908. married Ora E.(Unknown),born 1910

SARAH BARLOW, born c1909-1910


THOMAS B. BARLOW, born Aug.31,1897.Indiana

He married Marie Hinman on Nov.12,1921 Indiana.  Very little information has been found and it is assumed she left when the boys were young,(divorced by 1930) and they were raised by their father and grandmother, Josephine Craig Barlow.(( Added Updated information about Marie Hinman, born about 1907 Indiana, ---1910 census, Indianapolis, Indiana, lists her as 3 years old, the daughter of William Hinman & Hattie Hinman.))
Children of THOMAS BARLOW and Marie Hinman are:
THOMAS B. BARLOW, born 4 April 1922 in Indianapolis, Indiana, and died 20 April 1969 in Polk Co Florida, burial in Mount Tabor Baptist Cemetery, Lakeland, Polk Co Florida
He married MADIE WALKER.  She was born 30 November 1921 in Florida, and died 26 May 1994 in Polk Co Florida, burial in Mount Tabor Baptist Cemetery, Lakeland, Polk Co Florida. - 
1., Living BARLOW , son
 2.ROBERT B. BARLOW, born 1924 in Indianapolis, Indiana.